Sunday, August 7, 2011

1st Dota 2 Championships

News have been circulating for a while regarding Dota 2's recently announced championship tournament. I believe there's no Dota fan that isn't excited of such news. The buzz is bigger due to a couple of reasons. First, it's the first time Dota 2 will be seen in public. Second, the date draws nearer as the tournament itself will be held on August 17. Finally, the winning team gets $1M USD. Counting the consolation prizes, the almost $2M USD prize pool is the biggest e-sports have ever seen. As an addendum, Philippines is represented in the event.

My initial reaction to the event is torn, however.

The e-sports fan inside of me is pretty excited of the news. For sure, I'm going to watch the tournament even though I admittedly am no longer a die-hard Dota player.

The Starcraft player in me is jealous because our country will probably have more chance being represented in Dota 2 events even though the Starcraft 2 scene has a bigger showing internationally. Yes, this particular tourney is the biggest ever money-wise, but I'm pretty certain this is just a publicity stunt and future tournaments won't be as big. Maybe.

The League of Legends patron in me is worried that Dota 2 might kill LoL. True, there are very huge differences between the two MOBA games, and the recent Dominion announcement makes LoL a unique game on its own. Heroes of Newearth players should probably be more worried given the similarities of the two games.

Finally, the gamer in me still has a lot of questions to be answered. Will Dota 2 be F2P? If so, how will the microtransactions work out? Will it have hats and crate keys? Will it have a global or local servers? Or maybe it will be on LAN? How will this affect e-sports as a whole and how will it affect e-sports of the Philippines?

Hopefully, there will be answers come during the tournament.

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