Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Return to Classic Shooters

Recently, the only FPS' to come out were the likes of Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and don't even get me started on the train wreck that was Duke Nukem Forever. While these were relatively good games (apart from DNF), they all have that 'hold your hand' approach to everything. These shooters are all incredibly linear and almost all of them forces you to carry 2 weapons max. Gone are the days of exploring the level to look for secrets, choosing which weapon you want to use from an entire array of 10 weapons on hand, and hanging on precariously with 10 hitpoints left. Or is it?

A developer outside of big-name companies is venturing out of the rail-shooting, health regenerating, incredulously easy shooters and is creating what seems to be Doom/Quake/Wolf3d using modern computers. The developer, Flying Wild Hog, stated that, "Our engine was built with one thought—to be used in a first-person shooter that uses lots of physics and destruction, with outstanding graphics and also optimized to do the job well. There are many games published on PCs that are just ports from consoles, and we all know that today the power of a current-gen console is similar to a four- to five-year-old PC."

When games are made with only the PC in mind, they tend to become tech-marvels. Take Crysis for example. Crysis awed multitudes with the amount of beauty they were able to pour into the game. While the story is meh, graphically, the game was, and still is, very stunning. Crysis 2 however, fell shorter what with it being developed for the consoles, then ported into the PC; thus making the graphics aspect fall shorter than what should have been.

Anyway, the game is called Hard Reset. It is slated for the PC (hell yeah) on September of this year.

Here's the game in action.

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