Wednesday, August 3, 2011

LoL Themed Games for Lulz

A few nights ago, before today's patch, we decided to play a couple of "themed games" on League of Legends, where we decide upon an item or whatnot that everyone buys first. Results usually turn out hilarious.

Game one: everyone buys the most expensive item in the game—Trinity Force.


Our burst damage was insane. You can expect anyone wielding a Triforce to do so, but it's also lulzy to see someone like Rammus carry one and actually dish out at least 5 bars of damage per punch.

I didn't bother blurring out our opponents because I'm providing the replay (sorry, opponents) which you can download here:

Game two: everyone buys the two most cost-efficient attack speed items—Malady and Wit's End.


This time, our team's damage per second was insurmountable. We did have some trouble with LeBlanc, but once everyone had their Maladies and Wit's Ends and started moving as a team, we were an almost unstoppable pushing force. Even with just three left on our team, we were able to take down Baron. And, yes, that is an attack speed built Veigar. Honestly, Veigar might be the most valuable asset in this team, providing a long enough stun for our insane DPS to kick in. The one thing I didn't like with our endgame was we didn't manage to line up our Maladies and Wit's Ends on slots 1 and 2 like we did with our Triforces.

Replay here:

Of course, we would've lost instantly in both games if our opponents decided to buy Thornmail. Luckily, they didn't. Noting that, luck is a very important factor in these games. We ran out on our third theme game while attempting a fast push with all heroes having smite and rally. After that failure, we called it a night.

We might post videos instead of just replays and results when (if?) an official replay system is implemented.

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